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knight of mind personality


They might be naturally cautious or repulsed by things, or even just naturally repulsive in personality. Even when arguing or debating with others they might try to act like they don’t care at all about something or are indifferent to attempts at riling them up into a passion. They use their Minds as weapons of destruction as well as destroying Minds. This term was coined by psychology professors Mary Lamia and Marilyn Krieger at the University of California, Berkeley.. Heirs naturally gravitate towards their Aspect or unconsciously seek it out. And … Your Mind is the different Roles you play in different situations in order to Blend into the Crowd. Whether or not the Code of Honor includes your social ethical or moral principles become very important. Knight: Active exploitation class. they protect their aspect, and protect with their aspect. They use their aspect as a weapon so that they can protect others. They may see in their mind’s eye the right logical course of action, but have trouble explaining their visions or why they are relevant to others. They ALWAYS want to have a long discussion about everything before they make any kind of choice or decision or before anyone else makes a choice. The term "borderline" was first introduced in the United States in 1938. Seer of Light. Unlock the beautiful power of your unconscious genius. Almost like purposefully and secretly starting a massive riot somewhere in order to secretly steal from a place or causing a bar fight because they need to steal from the bartender. They may struggle with where to apply their indifference in certain situations. Fa Mulan is a great Rogue of Mind and one that rose to their challenge pretty quickly too. Or they were just raised on an idea if they acted a certain way or played a certain part when necessary they’d be doing good and would be mostly left alone to do their own thing when they don’t need to play that role. The Light Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles. You personal Code of Honor is what you will not violate. They would start using their logic and intelligence to make the choices they need to make. Knight- an active class that equips themselves with their aspect and exploit it as a tool. It’s Hiding who you are, being totally Unbiased in order to Blend in. Maid of Mind: One who Creates with Mind or Creates Mind. Their challenge is to learn to rely on themselves for their Aspect. At first they tend to defer to the decisions of the group rather than be a part of them and are more focused on watching and waiting and seeing how other people make decisions. They’re often treated like doormats, dismissed or pushed around by those they rely on. They might suffer from being intellectual or too smart for their own good, kind of like a know-it-all or a smartass. Not to be confused with Gestalt Mind. The name Latula was suggested for Terezi by Rauthiss. They could make someone super intellectual and logical or they would also take away their intellect and logic. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a self-report inventory designed to identify a person's personality type, strengths, and preferences. Muse of Doom. Not to be confused with schizophrenia) ... A Beautiful Mind – 2001 character of John Nash played by Russell Crowe They might also struggle with balancing every option on equal weight, always fiddling with the scale so to speak, making sure or trying to make sure it’s in perfect balance before making a move. I use dahniwitchoflight’s Aspect posts as a guide, looking at descriptions for all four. Knight of Breath personality. They would start getting up to their tasks and doing shit, maybe even using disguises or trickery to do what they need to do. They might believe themselves to be completely unbiased, even when really it’s obvious their own emotions and passions bleed into their every argument. They might rationalize their emotions or the emotions of others in a way, thinking “I or they are feeling this way because this and this reason, makes sense!’ without trying to get any more of a deeper truer understanding of the emotion, just trying to find something to justify them in the first place. Muse of Void. They are outwardly honest and open people, trying to get people to see the real them. Paulhus's work on the dark side of personality stems from that same scientific module in his mind. Something happens to make them stop caring about or liking or being passionate about the things they once did. The role of a Page of Heart in a typical Sburb session would be a passive one: allowing their soul to work as their weapon, arming allies with individuality, and working to become as strong as possible. Personality wise, a knight of Breath will either:A) Be overly carefree to the extent that they think others may find them disloyal (not likely) or B) Be overly attached and clingy, to … Mind: The power of thought and control over minds. A Knight of Heart would be someone who defends identities.

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