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pros and cons of living in charleston, wv


Population: 9,500 Instead of just letting it sit there, you might want to consider what it is really doing to help you! https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/charles-town-jefferson-wv Congratulations! Top private schools are Charleston Catholic High School, Sacred Heart Grade School, Bible Center School, Mountaineer Montessori School, and St. Agnes School. It also is home to a great number of job opportunities. This score is based on three subcategories: business environment (#50), employment (#50), and growth (#47). if you want to know about the living in West Virginia pros and cons then have a look at both aspects so that it will help you to make a decision either you should move to the state or not. The city is considered one of the best places to live in the entire state. According to a housing costs breakdown by HousingWire, the median mortgage is $997, while the average monthly rent is only $681 per month. West Virginia is quite a fascinating place and is located along the eastern coastline of the United States. If you’ve ever been to the Mountain State, you know just what we’re talking about. Our long distance movers arrive fully licensed, insured, and equipped to handle any move in or out of West Virginia successfully. Several types of outdoor recreations can be indulged here and the varied mountainous trails and the undulating hills create a very interesting aspect for the fun lovers. Relatively low cost of living; The state offers its residents with a very minimalistic cost structure when it comes to the living standards. It scores high because of three elements: great schools, awesome housing prices, and a strong sense of community. Looking for fun in West Virginia? It also offers a reasonable cost of living and ample work opportunities. To become an official resident of West Virginia (for several benefits, including taxes and tuition eligibility), you must spend over 30 days in the state and show intent to live here permanently. Arguably the #1 place to live in West Virginia, the charming little town is situated along the Monongahela River. WEATHER & CLIMATE Region: Northern West Virginia. There are many pros and cons of rent to own housing in Charleston WEST VIRGINIA, which we will outline in this article. I enjoyed the job because of the atmosphere and the desire to promote educational opportunities and development. It’s also less than 10 minutes from Wheeling. Charleston offers a plethora of opportunities and amenities sure to satisfy your urban needs in West Virginia. New WV residents must register and title an out-of-state vehicle within 30 days. Top public schools serving the Bethlehem area include Ritchie Elementary School, Bridge Street Middle School, Wheeling Middle School, Wheeling Park High School, and Bethlehem Elementary School. And when it comes to music, arts, and nightlife, it is hard to beat this place. This gives them the chance to get a feel for the property and the ability to imagine themselves living there. If you’re in the market for one of the best small cities to live in, not only West Virginia but the whole of America, Bridgeport should be at the top of your list! Median Home Value: $109,200 Who’s says you don’t deserve a stress-free move? Recent job growth is Negative. Top public schools in the Charleston area include George Washington High School, Holz Elementary School, Kenna Elementary School, Overbrook Elementary School, and Ruthlawn Elementary School. During winter, the state sees snowfall that is particularly popular with winter sports enthusiasts. The state of West Virginia experiences an overall humid subtropical climate. Click the button below to get started. See what you'll need to earn to keep your current standard of living wherever you choose to work and live. And did we mention how affordable it is here? Population: 12,900 Violent criminal activities are a part of the daily lives in the state of West Virginia. More Economy. Whether you’re moving, traveling, or remodeling, you most likely need a clean and secure storage solution. Hire our pro packers for a stress-free experience. If so, you should consider a few things before heading to America’s 10th smallest state by total area (24,230 square miles) and 38th largest state by population (1.8 million). With an average one way commute timeof 16 minutes, getting to work is faster than the national average of 26 minutes. The winters can be much on the colder side along with the appearance of snow which can be quite problematic, but one gets to enjoy all the seasons without fail each year. The current cost of living index is only 78.1, compared to the US average of 100. Charleston is home to several institutions of higher learning, including the Carver Career Center, University of Charleston, West Virginia Junior College – Charleston, Charleston School of Beauty Culture, and Garnet Career Center. The most common type of natural threat in West Virginia is flooding (followed by severe storms and mudslides). Not us! You might also encounter some significant cultural differences in West Virginia as compared to the northern or other parts of the state. *NOTE: A felon may re-register to vote in West Virginia once he or his is no longer incarcerated, on parole, or on probation (following the conviction of felony, treason or bribery in an election. Research company reviews & compare your options. Pros (as told by authentic West Virginians): Super-low cost of living: We've already explored the nice, low costs of housing for the state, but the savings don't end in the home category. The Mountain State is home to rich American history and natural attractions. Remember to read each detail of any contract that you sign, and consult with a financial advisor or rent-to-own expert if you have any questions, or if any part of the process is confusing to you. Median Home Value: $193,100 A cost of living index above 100 means Charleston, West Virginia is more expensive. Even if you have lived there for many years or have raised your family there, they will never fully accept you as the part of the community. Charleston is considered the most expensive place of the state but if you move towards Morgantown or Beckley, chances are the rent rates might slash down to less than half. Skip undue delays or downtime by booking our top-tier commercial movers. Here are the top picks: Want to explore West Virginia’s wild and wonderful natural beauty? Bethlehem might be the place you’ve had in mind. I am looking for a city that is warm, kind, not racist or homophobic, biking-friendly, has decent fishing nearby, and a decent job market. You’ve found it in South Charleston. We can help you explore the pros and cons so you can decide if selling is the right choice for your situation! Moving into a new home? Mostly the low income families where there is a scarcity of proper education and earnings, heroin addiction has appeared to be one of the biggest curses. The current unemployment rate is much higher than the rest of the country. If you can secure employment in West Virginia before you move, work as a freelancer, or want to have an affordable retirement, then this state has a lot it can offer. The median income in Charleston, WV is $48,442 and the median home value is $144,400, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability. Seventy-two percent of residents are homeowners, and the public schools are above average. Mulling over a move to West Virginia? Wherever you’re heading, our group of local moving companies offers topnotch services at prices that will make you smile. Properties can be obtained at low prices and the average home value is currently less than $100,000. It’s current crime & safety rating on Niche is C-. Our art shippers offer everything from custom packaging to carpentry services and more. Charleston cost of living is 78.5. Save your back and sanity. Searching for that ideal WV town, filled with good folks, simple living, and low living expenses? Many of the communities allow you to rent for less than $700 per month with a two- or three-bedroom place. If your vehicle is titled under your name in another state (and there’s no lien), you must: 1) present current title 2) submit West Virginia title application (DMV-1-TR) 3) complete odometer disclosure statement 4) provide insurance information (must be from a company licensed to sell in West Virginia). One big advantage of living in Charleston is the reasonable commute times to work. Despite this, Bethlehem maintains an ‘A’ rating in crime & safety. The state offers its residents with a very minimalistic cost structure when it comes to the living standards. If you’re like most everyone else, you probably can think of better things to spend your time on – work, family, friends, etc. Offering affordability and diversity, the city takes pride in its small-town feel. Next, we take a trip over to Lewisburg. Are you holding on to land in Charleston? The census-designated place (CDP) is in Monongalia County. The common problem for the people of any place which is suffering the impacts of poverty and deprivation is that of drug addiction and abuse. I'm moving to Morgantown or Charleston, West Virginia. Star City certainly shines bright in this department and then some. It is a beautiful city and doesn’t feel like a city. Are you looking for arguably the best place to spend your golden years?

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