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Their support staff think just black or white, no layers of grey! The transaction took around 20min and we were off to our destination.I gave two stars because after reaching out to SIXT customer service, they quickly responded and assured to refund me the whole rental price. Do you agree with Sixt's TrustScore? Drive or be driven. I complained through their standard complaints channel and they admitted that they had supplied wrong car due to 'breakdowns'. 690 Sixt reviews. From the moment of checking online for information to the … Young male clerk politely welcomed us to Sardinia and asked for my credentials. I rented a car from SIXT 2 years ago and is now starting to receive unspecified charges namned "Handling Fee". A SCAM OF RENTAL CAR COMPANY SIXT! Also, don't leave anything in the carl their customer service is terrible and they simply don't reply to emails and with calls, they just pass the buck until you give up. Get to the car, check it for the damages registered on the electronic paperwork. At that moment he tells me that the Mastercard I paid the rental with beforehand can not be accepted for the deposit due to being a prepaid credit card. UNBELIEVABLE!The craziest part is that the customer right next to us told us that they were also trying to pressure him with cancellation if he wouldn't upgrade! Sixt is rated 5 in a 5 point scale from 6 car rental reviews. Disgusting company with no existing customer service!! I have mistakenly suffered two withdrawals for the treatment of a fine. Sixt is the only company I know that charges extra money (over $100.00!!) However, invoiced for the booked car (Station Wagon) and recovered that amount despite me disputing the invoice. Join the 31 people who’ve already reviewed Sixt rent a car. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 1,493 SIXT you have ruined our holiday, I could not have expected to be treated as badly as I have been today. !I booked 2 months before and once in bari airport, the operator (rude and unprofessional)refused to give me the car just because my credit card was British and my licence Italian.She replied that was their rule and I could find this info on terms and condition.When I asked her to show me she refused.Anyway on the app doesn't say anything regarding this.So the 30th of July when the price are very high the left me like an idiot without even apologise and I had to ask to another company and likely I find a car but I had to spent 3 times more that what I planned plus I miss a business appointment.I was really excited to try for the first time this company but now I really regreted. Martin's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 13 November 2019 Verified ReduceMyExcess customer You can help other users make smart car rental purchase choices, Give direct feedback to Sixt so we can improve our own service for all customers, To review a Sixt branch on Google, you must first open the Google Maps app, available for download both for, Once the application is open, type the name of the Sixt branch you want to review (normally “Sixt + city name + airport or train station” if the Sixt branch is located in these places) in the search bar that says “, Once you have tapped on the listing of the desired Sixt station, go to the. Since my husband is the driver 99.9% of the time, I … Unable to get in touch with them to get reimbursed. 12/03/2020. I will get to check them out when arriving in Pheonix. You can also leave a review of a Sixt rent a car station directly on the main Google search page: Here are some reviews from customers who rented with us from Orlando Airport, the station featured in this article. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews here and approached car renting in Italy with some initial trepidation and bewilderment, but to be completely honest and fair to them we had a great experience with Sixt, and despite one mistake I think they should get credit where it’s due. Sixt Rental Cars has a consumer rating of 1.29 stars from 49 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. As of now I am waiting for the refund. HOW ON EARTH am I able to redeem this with the current situation? I would have loved to travel but it was just not possible for me. They started charging my credit card only after I had returned the car - once a week after the return, then once more almost 2 months after the return! I always use Europcar and never had problem! The car was not particularly dirty. But wait, it’s even better - the car connects to Apple Play and to your phone seamlessly, navigation, music, everything! How to write a Google review to Sixt from your PC. ), they seem to have a habit of doing so. How many stars would you give Sixt B.V.? 1.3. All rights reservered. I rent often cars at Milan Malpensa, and I would rate Sixt among the best providers at that airport according to my experience with them. Friendly Sixt guy greets us, walks once round the car (we take our own pictures for assurance), sits inside and notes the mileage and condition of the car. At Sixt rent a car, we welcome customer feedback and view your comments and compliments as an important part of our growth as a company. . !Disgusting company!!! Just ensure you have approx 2k on a Credit Card to let them take the deposit - they're not going to be strict at looking for scratches upon return and you'll get it all back. I reserved a premium car just during the Coronavirus outbreak (March 2020) from Next time I will rent my car from a serious dealer.... © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. You can change this under our cookie policy. ... Sixt Reviews 63 • Average . By the end of our trip we were happy parking on the street in Palermo and even there it was fine. Read 1262 customer reviews of the Sixt Car Hire Car Hire & compare with other Car Hire at Review Centre . A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Europe - Sixt Car Rental? Home » Car Reviews » Sixt Ride Integrates with Google Maps. (That means an extra €250) After telling him that his offer was utter nonsense, he replied there was no solution to the problem. The checkout and return service was high quality. for an additional driver when that driver is the spouse. Not leave people stranded with no solutions.Please do not send me a generic response asking me to email customer service below.To anyone looking to book with SIXT please be cautious, I am sure this is not the only dubious practise that they use in pursuit of revenue maximisation. - For the dates we are travelling, Sixt has the cheapest rates for car rental. I must have caught a good deal at the right time. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help ... Sixt Reviews 1,423 • Bad . Knowing that this is what car rentals make money off, I kindly decline the offer. You can check it on the upper right corner. How to Write a Google Review of Sixt from Your Laptop. Open your car directly with our App and enjoy the ride. You can’t add an anonymous review.Here is some more info that others will see: 1. Categories Blog My Reviews My Settings Install App Help ... Sixt Reviews 1,445 • Bad . When reaching out to their customer service they give you absolutely nothing, just pretty much a big F.U...knowing that it may be difficult to protect your rights as someone living in another country.I've rented cars across the world and never witnessed anything even remotely as outrageous as this. We ended up booking a car at the Europcar booth around the corner. We had cleared out all rubbish before giving it back of course. NO understanding! Car rentals in over 100 countries, flexible carsharing just around the corner, and ridehailing worldwide. From packing up the kids for a vacation road trip or looking … [Read More...] about The Best Cars For Long Distance Driving, Electric cars are the choice of environmentally aware … [Read More...] about What Are the Best Electric Cars? Sixt Ride Integrates with Google Maps. Vi vil gjerne høre fra deg, så kontakt oss når som helst. We were very disappointed with SIXT, as the car they gave us was not the car we book at the first place (Volkswagen), the car (Mitsubishi) they gave us without telling us presented an electrical issue and we had to support a very annoying noise all the way. Great experience - free upgrade to better car, friendly, efficient and reliable service, Excellent experience at Milan Malpensa (MXP), Beware of SIXT Car Rental Olbia Airport Sardinia, 155 euro cleaning fee, which was not agreed, nor communicated anywhere, I booked a car for 14 days but charged for 18. No-one tells you that they charge 1p per mile for AdBlue.Usual vehicle rental ripoff, it's about time the government did something about vehicle rental companies charging extra's for things that cost almost nothing,It's like buying a product in store and being charged a door exit fee when leaving,Should have known better and asked what they were going to rip me off for before I took the vehicle away.BAD Sixt. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Remember that for each evaluation from 1 to 5 stars you will receive 1 point toward being a local guide, while if you also write a review you will receive 10 points. Your experience matters. Here’s all the information about local guides. Right now or later. Thanks for the replies. City/airport: Edinburgh. By clicking 'agree and continue' you consent to the use of these cookies. We would really appreciate an online review from you so that we can continue to … Booked a Fiat Tipo Station Wagon online. Click on “Your contributions” and then on “Reviews”. Apparently the rate changes per time rented and it got to be the same amount. !This dealer used the credit card issue to INTIMIDATE THEIR CUSTOMERS INTO UPGRADING. Join the 1,493 people who’ve already reviewed Sixt. SO I’M UPGRADING YOU TO AN AUDI Q2 [basically a mini-SUV with a ridiculously powerful diesel engine and reliable performance].” “YES PLEASE!” I sign the credit card block and the contract. Miraculously when thought was recorded the car I ordered was then immediately available.Use Alamo they are a trusted review.Sixt are similar to Goldcar and obviously the staff have some incentive to rip you off at the desk. I rented a car from Sixt at the Malpensa Milan airport. It was a much needed break.Words cannot express how disappointed I am with SIXT especially in the current context.I thought this was the time where we would all show compassion and humanity the most. Next thing I know a Sixt manager in Italy contacts me and sorts it all out, confirms in writing it’s all fine and apologises for the mistake. Voice your opinion today and hear what 63 customers have already said. Your experience can help others make better choices. DO NOT USE, after the event read the Which Magazine reviews and the reviews here to realise that this should be avoided. His mood suddenly switches from friendly to unintrested. Rented a car from Cagliari for a month. They are cheaters. Then a week later they invoice me for 18 days and take the money out of my account automatically. Sorry we don’t seem to have the car you wanted. Sixt 'customer services' have chosen not to respond and just take the money for a service they did not provide.Quite despicable really. How can this industry get away with fraud! CARSHARING WITH NO LIMITS No limits for cars, duration and drop-off points - also at any SIXT station. Do you agree with Sixt's TrustScore? The car drives like a dream, with the most advanced cruise control you could imagine, and the most comfortable ride. I thought they were meant to be better than most rental car places; not the case - they are all equally as bad. 2.8. Nothing is taken from my credit card, no speeding fines, and I’m sent a receipt by post from Sixt to my home address with some sort of bonus voucher worth quite a few Euros.The only thing that didn’t go perfectly was a little mistake, when Sixt sent me the details of a customer behind me in the queue at Venice airport, who rented a car for a day - I was getting all their emails and was worried I was being held liable for their rental. Soon enough he pitches us the usual "great deal". Based on other reviews you can find online (rripadvisor, Google, etc. Good/Bad? Go to the main Google Maps page and make sure you are signed in to your Google account. Initially, Sixt Ride will be available on Google Maps in 21 German cities, including metropolises such as Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich, as well as … Highly recommend! When I asked for a specification of what the charges were referring to they refused to answer and continues to send reminders threatning debt collection agencies.I have also tried to contact my domestic SIXT customer service but they are not responding neither. GB. You can also find a link to the branch here: Once you have selected the Sixt station you would like to review, scroll down until you see the, Tap the three dots to the right of the review you would like to change and choose either the option. On Google Maps, click the ≡ button located in the top left corner. We were still charged the same amount. However, due to the conditions of the contract, I should have paid a 2-day rental fine equivalent to 175,88 USD. ❗ IMPORTANT ❗ Google does not allow false reviews or ratings that do not comply with Google Guidelines. ❗ IMPORTANT❗ In order to write a Google review you must have a Google Account. Leave your rating from 1 to 5 stars, write a comment and, if you want, click on the camera icon to attach photos of the branch. Read 1 more review about Sixt Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Cyril 3 reviews. 1.4. Go to the main Google Maps page and make sure you are signed in … I ask him if we could use the credit card of my partner (I had booked her as an extra driver) which he also declines as this would go against the terms and conditions of Sixt. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Tap the three dots to the right of the review you would like to change and choose either the option “Edit review” or “Delete review”. The car looks beautiful, basically brand new, immaculately clean inside and out. This review is the culmination of 9 months of irritation with this company, which I will never use again. I should note that we also played our part in the decisions we made and by driving responsibly and with respect for the vehicle and other road users.So perhaps I can offer a guide to the perplexed on how to do it.We rented an automatic car for a road trip from Venice to Palermo. . The more detailed the review is with text, photos, and video, the more points you will receive. Consumers complaining about Sixt Rental Cars most frequently mention credit card, rental car and customer service problems. Will anyone speak on their experience renting from Sixt? SIXT you have ruined our holiday, I could not have expected to be treated as badly as I have been today.We booked a rental car through SIXT some weeks back and our flights changed (as is common in the current COVID context and something anyone looking to go away can relate to).We arrived 2 hours after the specified time of the booking and waited 1 hour to be served as there was only one member of staff working.When we eventually got to the front of the line the member of staff rudely told us that the reservation had been cancelled as we had been more than one hour late.This is nothing I have ever heard of before and just imagined that it would be the same as trining up to a hotel 1 hour later than the booking.Equally I rent quite a few cars a year and have never heard of this.Surely this would have been the time to highlight this the most to travellers?When I spoke to them they said that they work on live prices which are now four times higher than what we had paid.I imagine this is why they used this technicality in the terms and conditions to sell at a higher price.We were both looking forward to this holiday as it’s been a difficult period for us (and the world for that matter). They gave me a voucher, just like airlines, but only redeemable in the website for reservations in the USA and with expiry date one year from the time of the rental. Finally he says he could magically accept her credit card but ONLY if we take the upgrade he pitched us a few minutes ago!! After reading the reviews and doing some more research I found a really good rate with Enterprise. Any reviews/experiences? We let them know that we're bringing the car in early. We park everywhere very carefully and try and store the car overnight in manned parking houses with camera coverage (although Southern Italy and Sicily felt much safer and secure than any of the things you’ve heard in the past). I have recently rented a car at Sixt Olbia Aiport and I was very happy with the service provided.Very friendly and helpful staff! Tap the three dots to the right of the review you would like to change and choose either the option “Edit review” or “Delete review”. Do you agree with Sixt's TrustScore? Here you can find a good car with good price. 62 Sixt reviews in Fort Lauderdale. What you see is not what you get! A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Read about their experiences and share your own! An upgrade to a large BMW 5 Series and full insurance package for MERELY a 60% price hike. Rented a car from these scammers Last September 2019 in Pisa /Italy ,my mum had died and she was getting buried in Italy,l had no problem with the vehicle at the time but a few months later they sent me an email saying that l had damaged the wheel on the drivers side we inspected the car and there was no damage l refused to pay the 160 euros but then they l go another letter form their solo terms so the bill went up to 252 euros ,l couldn’t believe it,l was going through a difficult time ,how can they do this do there clients no more,make sure you video the car when you drop the car off /disgraceful. Type the name of the Sixt branch you want to review (normally “Sixt + location”) in the search bar on the top left and click on the magnifying glass icon to search. Their call center is not in service and the email didn't get a response for days. Asked for the car booked and was told would be minimum 3 hours wait. Sixt are a premium brand company that seem to have significantly better cars than any other company but at pretty much the same prices. “Perfect” he says, and we sign the paperwork. SIXT PREMIUMCLEANING STANDARDHYGIENE MEASURESIN OUR … [Read More...] about Our SIXT Network remains operating and your safety is our top priority! Only one tiny scratch that’s already registered. We rented a Sixt car from Rome airport with full insurance to make sure we were covered. The World’s 9 Most Unusual Rules Involving Cars , World Travel Awards 2018: Sixt Honored with 14 “Oscars”. Voice your opinion today and hear what 1445 customers have already said. My heart sinks. I rent cars a lot and this is first time I had such situation. I specifically chose, requested and confirmed in person, prior to signing, that the car I was renting was a 4x4. Sixt uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service, to improve and evaluate the content of the website and to promote Sixt products. Sixt rent a car: The best car rental deals on vans, luxury and SUVs for short or long term rentals at LAX Los Angeles Airport I've tried calling and emailing the Milan Malpensa office and no answer, have called the main UK number and emailed the main customer services email and no answer.They've essentially stolen my money are and ignoring me!

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