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voice mask for smartphones


Terrible purchase. Modify, change and disguise your voice in … Amazon.com: mask with voice changer. We're here to help! Portable Bluetooth Voice Amplifier, Ultralight Rechargeable Wired Mini Personal Speaker with Microphone, Use in Classroom, Meeting, and Outdoor Activities, for Teachers, Tour Guides & … I'm sorry you feel that way about your purchase. If you are of an older generation then Darth … It can be used with any type of device including, phones, tablets, computers, recorders, transmitters, two way radios and amplifiers. The device adjusts the pitch of your voice, high or low. More Buying Choices $73.19 (38 used & new offers) Details about Hushme - The Worlds First Voice Mask for Smartphones. $79.55 $ 79. With over 25 years of experience, SpyCentre Security is your premier spy gear store and security camera equipment provider. Good day. INDUSTRY INSIGHT. This unit is perfect for pranking. This can be a relief to both the speaker and the listener. Our Plano location is well stocked with the latest technology, and every employee is carefully trained to help you maximize your protection. This product has 14 different programmed settings, so with a simple turn of the knob, you can change your voice from one tone to another, making it sound like multiple people are having a conversation. Dubbed the "C-Mask," the device fits over regular, fabric-based masks. Your input is very much appreciated. FoxNews Channel "Now, a new device will keep your chatty colleagues quiet by masking their phone conversations with more enjoyable noises." Q: Will this work on any phone?A: Yes, attach the speaker to the voice input on your landline or cell phone. 1. Like making movies? This device is effortless to use; attach the acoustic coupler to your telephone or cell phone's handset, adjust the selector knob to the pitch you want to use, and speak into the built-in microphone on the black box of the unit itself, and your voice is immediately disguised. In large meetings, you can speak with your mask and reach everyone. The c-mask isn't meant to … The world’s first voice mask for mobile phone will appear in a Kickstarter campaign this May and you may be able to get one by the end of this year. It now sits in the closet and is unused. The SpeechMask® algorithm is a lower-cost method to implement a high-quality, speech-based sound mask ideal for most corporate customers. Masking the audio our devices hear is the best way to fight digital eavesdropping. Remember to be constructive—there's a human behind this project.. Have a question for the creator? Layers of speech mixing and randomizing techniques are used to create a unique and highly effective mask. You won't be able to sound like a specific person. Q: I was playing with it, and my friend told me I sounded quiet. Given the state of the world at the moment, it looks like face masks are here to stay for a while yet – so you might as well have some fun with them. Hushme is a bizarre high-tech mask that blocks the sound of the wearer’s voice so that people nearby can’t hear what is being said. Q: I turned it on, but nothing is happening. Voice Enhancers, sometimes referred to as Personal Voice Amplifiers, are invaluable for helping people with voice issues stay connected with friends and family and continue to lead productive lives through enhanced verbal communication. Price: US $275.00. I can only test it once I obtain the battery The unit is small and easily clips onto a belt or to the user's waistband, the headset is wired to the unit, and the WinBridge Amplifier will last around 6 hours on a single full charge.. People with soft or weakened voices that can be enhanced and projected more clearly will benefit from improved communication. The fact that the user manual does not show that one needs a battery is a major commission in the instructions! Take your mask off in a safe place, then check your device to make sure it’s working. Hi Kamlesh, A breathing port inside the mask allows you to speak and breath naturally. Our online spy store store allows us to serve customers anywhere in the country. About the product. The Mini Mask remained the Top Verbatim Mask for over 30 years now. “The sound options for covering your voice currently include wind, ocean, rain, birds, monkey, squirrel, R2D2, laughing Minion and Darth Vader breath, but new ones could be added in the future. Please reach out to us by phone at 1-800-292-7748 Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm and we would be happy to walk you through how to attach the device to your cell phone so people can hear you. Smartphone Voice Mask Software AV Voice Changer Software Diamond VI v.6.4.30 Modify voice in voice chat / PC Phone ; enhance voice quality; simulate voices with Voice Comparator; mix voices with Parody; record from microphone, Internet - streaming audio; support different formats: mp3, wma, wav, ogg; work online/offline/realti. Who can Benefit from the Use of a Voice Enhancer? There are 14 different programmed tone settings (7-high, 7-low) plus a normal mode. Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to one of our helpful technicians. A personal voice amplifier user must be able to shape words reasonably well as voice enhancers improve only volume, not choice or articulation of words. The Battery was not included (~ 10 m) The other party's smartphone becomes a speaker. They are ideal for those with weak voices, or throat/voice problems caused by various health conditions, damage to the vocal chords or following surgery that removes the larynx. The idea is to mask what you normally sound like; adjust the knob on the front to the desired pitch. Hi Kim, thanks for the feedback. Voice Enhancers, sometimes referred to as Personal Voice Amplifiers, are invaluable for helping people with voice issues stay connected with friends and family and continue to lead productive lives through enhanced verbal communication.. Q: Will this unit really change my voice?A: Yes. A great option for those who work indoors in smaller environments and will need to use their hands during lectures and demonstrations. GoldenEar records courtroom audio with high-quality conference microphones. Q: Will this unit really change my voice? Feel free to talk to us about getting an estimate on your security system install in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. 2. The new professional telephone voice changer is portable and compatible with all telephones. These useful devices are speech aids designed to help those with weak voices or who are impaired because of medical conditions to communicate more easily through amplified or enhanced sound production. Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants With a Mask Secure your device with wig tape or other non-damaging material, like a cloth headband. Want to play a prank on your friends? This unit is housed in a sturdy metal case making. Perhaps background noise in a car, bus or crowded restaurant makes it difficult to be heard. With the mask on, you can transmit your voice to a person who is away from you. Amplifying the sound of the voice leads to better conversations, with less need for repetition and fewer misunderstandings. For those who rely on their voices to talk with groups regularly such as sales people, teachers, clergy, tour guides, coaches and public speakers, personal voice amplifiers can minimize voice strain and fatigue, enhancing the quality of the listener experience. Additionally, we are licensed to install security cameras, surveillance systems, and CCTV cameras in the state of Texas. I do apologize the manual is missing that information. In the active voice masking mode, 4 speakers located on the outer surface of the device are activated, and the mask starts to produce a preset sound. Our online store has a full array of security cameras, GPS trackers, body worn cameras, personal safety equipment, audio recorders and hidden cameras. Hushme - The Worlds First Voice Mask for Smartphones. So disappointed. 02 – Voxal Voice Changer [ Free / Pro ] | Windows | Mac. Vocal nodules can result in hoarseness and weakened sound production. Condition: New. They offer a free account with a personal ClearCaptions voice phone number for captioned calls. Medical conditions that include Parkinson’s, MS, Guillain-Barré syndrome, ALS and stroke may impair throat or chest muscles, damage or partially paralyze vocal chords or diminish lung capacity. The best Bluetooth headsets feature crisp, smooth audio and robust battery life — and, like all Bluetooth devices, they’re portable, meaning no clunky construction and no wires to get tangled in. Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 30. This is perfect for that too! They had small protruding beaks that increased the vibrational resonance of an actor's voice to throw it farther out across an audience. You can turn up the volume on the speaker which is attached to the cell phone, there is a knob on the cord so be sure to turn this up to max. Attach it on a commercially available surgical mask. Provides quality amplification power of the voice from 12 to18 dB. Be sure to check our Features and Specifications section on the product page, as we do indicate the device does not come with a 9 volt. If you need some help with your item, we're only a phone call or a chat message away! ClearCaptions is an FCC-certified service made possible through a federally-funded program for qualified individuals with hearing loss. Personal voice amplifiers make daily life less frustrating and more enjoyable for those who want to be heard — and for the caregivers, therapists, family and friends who want to communicate with them. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! We strive to make all the information about a product available to all our customers, with detailed description pages and most products, such as this one, even have videos with demonstrations of how the device operates, which try to give an idea of the results you should expect. This is your space to offer support and feedback. Smartphone Voice Mask, free smartphone voice mask software downloads, Page 3. Raise the volume on the attachable speaker to make your voice louder. 55. Connect this wearable voice changer to any cellular or smart phone and let the fun begin. I WAS KOOL I IKE THE FAST 2-5 DAYS SHIPPING AND INSTANT RESPONSE. Government, Hospitals & School Systems - Submit your purchase order today! Did not work at all. Item Information. This can definitely make you sound like a different individual, though. I am sorry to hear the device did not work out for you. Japanese startup Donut Robotics has developed a way to turn the ubiquitous coronavirus face mask into the latest tech gadget. Thanks for the review! When in a quiet room with a listener of average hearing ability, if the speaker’s decipherable or undecipherable vocal sounds can be heard from approximately 12 inches to 18 inches away, then a powerful amplifier might bring the voice up to an understandable and usable level. Voice Writing is a newer, efficient, and accurate way to produce court records. Replace it if necessary. Personal voice amplifiers are also ideal aids for people who rely on their voices to talk with groups every day and who wish to protect their voices from damage caused by overuse. Have not had a chance to test it because: Ask a trained speech therapist to confirm whether you are a good candidate for vocal enhancement. Hulet Smith, OTRehabmart Co-Founder & CEO, Founded by Occupational & Physical Therapists, Operated by Occupational & Physical Therapists, Microphone and Carrying Accessories for Chattervox Voice Amplifiers. Appreciate the assist. A voice enhancer or personal voice amplifier can also be useful during speech therapy when reacquiring speech after stroke or injury. I see your purchase was a recent one, so if you would like to send it back for a refund or to exchange for the more professional model, the Pro Telephone Voice Transformer Kit: https://spycentre.com/products/pro-telephone-voice-transformer, you can give us a call at 1.800.292.7748 between the hours of 10am to 6pm, CST, Monday through Friday for further instructions. Call your friends, and they will never know it's you! Thanks to coronavirus lockdowns, voice assistants are getting more use than ever before. It is a private mask allowing the verbatim mask reporter to report on the court proceedings quietly without interrupting others. Welcome to SpyCentre Surveillance Equipment online store! We would be happy to exchange it out for something else on our site for equal value. The device adjusts the pitch of your voice, high or low. By Mike Fong; Aug 01, 2019; Thanks in no small part to a barrage of news stories about smartphone spyware and misbehaving smart devices, there’s a growing awareness that the cameras and microphones in our digital companions can be hijacked by sophisticated threat actors to remotely spy … Whether you are trying to solve a problem, increase your peace of mind, or protect your business assets, we've done it all. If you don't see something you need, let us know! like a surgical mask and in doing so, it supposed to stop your chatter on mobile phone hush, hush. "U.S.-based Hushme has created what it calls the "world's first voice mask for mobile phones." A special algorithm modulates this sound relative to the intensity of your voice: the mask "is silent" when you are silent, it raises or lowers the volume or pauses completely following your voice. ... A Star Wars Story Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet (Amazon Exclusive) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,163. A child’s toy would work better. Powered by a 9-volt battery, not included, Works with landline phones and cell phones, Powered by one 9 volt battery (Not Included). What features should you look for in a personal voice enhancer?• Lightweight• Portable• Hands-free (perhaps attached to a belt and called a “waistband amplifier”)• Adjustable volume control• Adjustable tone control• Battery powered, with no cord to limit movement and no risk of electric shock. Advertised as the ‘world’s first voice mask for mobile phones,’ Hushme was unveiled at CES, at the beginning of this year. Designed to easily amplify the voice for effective communication. I'm still playing with it but I can't get it connected to my cell phone for anyone to be able to hear me; so far I'm pretty disappointed but will try a few more ideas before I give up all together. Smartphone Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption 2020 Executive Summary; Voice Industry Pulse Report 2020 Executive Summary; Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2020 Executive Summary; In-Car Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report 2020; What Consumers Want in Voice App Design 2019; Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report for Healthcare 2019 Hearing one’s voice more clearly during articulation exercises leads to more productive sessions. Voice Writing with a court reporter mask reduces the amount of necessary specialized training for new court reporters while producing truly verbatim documents with audio-recording backup. The device is expected to cost $200. Wasted my money, but I learned a valuable lesson. Oxygen Concentrators, Cylinders, & Supplies, Work Tables for Therapy and Rehabilitation, Microphone clearly picks up voice of even the lowest talkers and whisperers, Projects voice with a volume setting up to 15dB for noisy environments, Ideal voice magnification solution for users with mild to moderate voice impairments, Projects voice up to 25dB for noisy environments or very low speakers, Designed with a low current draw to improve battery life, User-friendly design allows simple and quick adjustments to the voice, 40-inch cord provides ample length to reach personal amplifier across the body, Low profile ear hooks and back band can easily be concealed under the hair. Its built-in microphone offers ultra-low distortion. The product appeared at the CES this year and is not commercially available yet. Rehabmart is pleased to present an assortment of superior quality personal voice amplifiers from Harris Communications. Q: Will this unit make me sound like my assistant, so my office can seem bigger than it is?A: The idea of this device is to mask your voice enough not to be identified. Is the device broken?A: The speaker's attachment is designed to stay at a low natural speaking level but maybe too soft for some phone's natural pickup. Star Wars: Rogue One Darth Vader Voice Changer Mask. A special algorithm modulates this sound relative to the intensity of your voice: the mask "is silent" when … Feel free to contact us at 1-800-292-7748 Mon - Sat 10am to 6pm CST or email us at orders@spycentre.com. DailyMail Newspaper. What's going on?A: Check your 9V battery and make sure it is fully seeded. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Buy Now / Learn more about this voice changer. Artificial larynx users, esophageal and TEP speakers, and those who have lost their vocal chords and/or larynx following throat cancer surgery may also benefit. Stop into our retail location in Dallas Texas located in the city of Plano. Additionally, those whose voices are impaired because of medical conditions or throat surgery can also benefit from using personal voice amplifiers. Istranger Portable Voice Changer for all Cell & Smart Phones. Instead of looping the mask over your ears, use a button extender for the mask to attach it behind your head. 3. It is possible for medical workers to make a remote-diagnosis. Changing your own natural speech pattern will also help get … Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage, Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder Voice Activated, USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150 Day Standby, Mini Micro Stick Voice Activated Recorder, World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder Voice Activated, Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm CSTToll Free: 1-800-292-7748Email: orders@spycentre.com. The old tin can and string method was the next development in the technology, first arriving 2,200 years after the Greek masks. The instructions do not indicate that one needs a 9 Volt Battery Also be sure to speak through the pro voice changer box and not your phone. Changing your own natural speech pattern will also help get the desired tone over the phone you are searching for. What is a Voice Enhancer, or Personal Voice Amplifier? A trained speech therapist can assist with the determination and appropriate product selection. Stenomask is the quintessential microphone when privacy and discretion are called for as well as in noisy or crowded environments. This Apple app offers real-time captioning on your mobile phone with ClearCaptions Mobile. 5) Position your mask to cover the other half of your face and perform the second Face ID set-up scan, repeating steps 3 and 4. In today’s strangest thing we have heard all day even before the day gets in the way is this gadget called Hushme.Hushme, as the name pretty much implies, is a device that you wear around your mouth (yes, mouth!)

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